29 April 2011

The Month of April

So, it's April 29 and it's snowing here in Cache Valley and I thought I could share a few of the things that I did this month. Here goes...

- Watched and listened to General Conference.
- Helped Tim cut a hole out of the back of the LandCruiser and built a cargo box to go into the hole in the back of the LandCruiser.
- Spent many, many mornings out at Tim's dad's working on the LandCruiser, doing things like removing the third members so they could be regeared for lockers, repacking the bearings, putting on new brakes, sanding/grinding out all of the "stuff" on the inside of the Cruiser so it could be rhino-lined, cleaning bearings and parts and axles and other stuff. Yep, alot of the month was spent doing LandCruiser stuff. Oh, and I also helped remove all of the seats, panels, and carpet from the inside before we could sand/grind. And yes, I do actually know what all of this stuff means and does. It's been quite a learning curve.
- Took Kona to dog class every Monday night so that he could learn new tricks and be all prepared for his dog show tomorrow!
- Went to several Young Women activities and meetings, and taught a couple of lessons.
- Drove up to Lava Hot Springs with the kids over Spring Break.
- Attended Kyra's patriarchal blessing which was an awesome experience.
-Went to Rylan's soccer games.
- Got a massage.
- Had an awesome Easter Dinner at my parents with Tim, Eric and Karen, Amy, Andrew and Liam, and Chelsey, Dustin, Brody, and Noah.
- Got my eyes checked...they still work.
- Watched my cute nephews and niece.
- Baked many chocolate chip cookies and tried some new recipes with varied success.
- Planned our 1 year anniversary trip.

Tomorrow is the last day of April and I think it will be the busiest. Kyra and I are going to the church to make pizzas for the Young Women camp fundraiser. Kona has his dog shows in the afternoon. My mom is having girls night and we're having pedicures and massages. I'm pretty sure I'll be gone most of the day, but what a way to end the month.

I keep thinking that married life will slow down...but, it never seems to. I guess I'd better just get used to it. we come!

09 April 2011

Update on Kona

So, life has been super busy lately. No surprise there. I have some stories I need to post, but I can't find the pictures yet, so I'll have to work on them later. Instead I've decided to post an update on our cute dog Kona.

Kona is now 10 months old. I weighed him last week and he's up to 117 lbs. He's tall...tall enough that he can drink out of the sink. Actually his head comes up to our bar, so that might give you some perspective. Speaking of the sink...the other day, I caught him licking a cereal bowl that one of the kids left in the sink with milk and floating lucky charms. Yep, he's that big...

Here are some of his favorite things to do:

- Snuggle on the love seat in the office while dad works.
- Zoomies around the living room and up and down the stairs, around the basement, between the kids' beds, etc. Just zoomies in general.
- Gutting his stuffed animals.
- Going on walks. He has spring fever and LOVES to be outside.
- Pointing at birds. Apparently, he thinks he's a bird dog.
- Training!

As far as the training goes, he's still in dog school, but we're going to stop for the summer since our Saturdays have become quite busy. However, he's training for a dog show! Our vet has a health clinic in the spring and this year, they've invited the dogs in dog school to perform some tricks. It's on April 30 at Mountain View Veterinary Clinic in Providence, UT. Kona has learned several new tricks, but mostly he just likes to watch the other dogs. Tim is certain this event is going to be a circus in all senses of the word, but we'll see. Kona and I have been working hard so hopefully, he'll at least do some of the tricks he knows. I'm hoping that Tim will record this event so I can post it on here, but we'll see.

Anyways, Kona is awesome. He definitely adds alot of joy and happiness in our lives and much laughter. I'll definitely let you know how the "circus" goes!