05 April 2010

The Joys of Running

Last summer, after the Boise Ironman 70.3, I was burned out with training. I did a few more races, but just didn't feel much like really doing any structured workouts. This continued right on up through the St. George Marathon and then went right on through now. I haven't been following a training program for awhile and it has been nice. I've been working out and doing alot of walking and just enjoying being active without training. This has sorta been weird for me because I always like to be training for something...however, with the wedding planning and the job stuff and everything else that is going on in life, it has been really nice not to have the pressure of fitting in training sessions.

On March 1, I signed up for the Top of Utah Marathon. I knew that I wouldn't have to start training until May which sounded pretty good to me. I also knew that I would have some training partners, namely Tim and my mom. I should probably make it clear that Tim is not doing the full marathon, but he did sign up for the Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon that occurs in August. Anyways, I signed up and then didn't think any more about it.

All last week, we had gorgeous weather here...sunshine, wind, and the temps were in the 70s. I kept saying to myself that I would go for a run after work. However, other things came up and I ended up going for walks instead. Saturday morning, I woke up and went for a 2 hour walk with my friend Julie and enjoyed the rain and the social actually made me want to run.

Sunday morning, I woke up and laid in bed for about 15 minutes and decided that today was the day I was going to start running again. I got out of bed, pulled on some running clothes, grabbed my running shoes and headed out the door. I only ran for 30 minutes or so, but I ran and it felt so good! I had a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I had to mentally remind myself not to go too far because I don't want to be injured. It was a fantastic way to start off Easter Sunday.

I ran again this morning. It wasn't as joyful. My legs felt heavy, and it was humid, but I was running. As I was running I couldn't help but think that running is the perfect way to start off the day. My mind was clear. I was completely in sync with my body. I enjoyed the beauty of a hazy sunrise. I saw happy dogs going for their morning walk. I saw tulips starting to open. I felt great!

I guess this means that I'm a runner again...yay!


See You at the Finish Line said...

Welcome back runner girl!