03 November 2009

Planning my Race Schedule for 2010

Yes...because I am a crazy person, I have already started thinking about my race schedule for 2010. I guess I'm just one of those people who have to have stuff, like races, to look forward to. So, while I'm sure this will change and adapt over the next few months, here's what I'm sort of considering. I should probably keep in mind that I have a wedding to plan (WOO HOO!) and some traveling to do as well as my job and my other responsibilities, but I do feel the need to continue to challenge myself. Oh and I love to why not do what I love?!

January 23 or 30 ~ Chilly Chili Run ~ Lake Bloomington
April 3 ~ Lincoln Memorial 1/2 Marathon ~ Springfield, IL
April 10 ~ Mt. Pleasant 1/2 Marathon with Julie ~ Mt. Pleasant, WI
May 1 ~ Illinois 1/2 Marathon ~ Champaign, IL
May 15 ~ Pocatello Endurance Festival Bike 30K ~ Pocatello, ID
June 26 ~ Cache Valley Triathlon ~ Hyrum, UT
July 3 ~ Patriot Border Run 10K ~ Lewiston, UT
July 10 ~ Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon ~ Logan, UT
July 24 ~ Pioneer Day 5K ~ Logan, UT
August 28 ~ Bear Lake Brawl Olympic Triathlon ~ Bear Lake, UT
August 28 ~ Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon ~ Logan, UT
September 18 ~ Top of Utah Marathon ~ Logan, UT

I'm sure I'll be adding other races here or there because that's what I do, but for now, that's sort of what I'm thinking.

See...I told you I'd be adding races... Check this out!

Goblin Valley Ultra I'm thinking I may need to do this next year! Maybe I'll try the 50k distance? Oh and apparently, there may be a trip to Disney World for the Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon... I love racing!