11 August 2009

Road Trip

On August 1 it was time to head back to IL. Definitely a sad day in my world, but much better than usual because Tim drove back with me.

First, we had to drive to Salt Lake City to leave Tim's truck at the airport so he had a way to get home after his flight back. Then we headed over to Park City where we thought about stopping at perhaps the busiest McDonalds I've ever seen in my life, but we ended up at Arby's instead since there was no wait. Then it was on to Wyoming.

Then Nebraska...the longest state ever...

I caught a nap or at least a lie down in my seat break for a bit. Of course, Tim had to take a picture of this.

We stopped in Grand Island, Nebraska for the night and crashed at the local Holiday Inn with lots of very young wedding guests and alot of very odd people. The next morning we left there and made it across Nebraska and headed through Iowa. The bad part about driving back to IL is that the speed limit gets slower and slower. 75 mph in Wyoming and Nebraska, 70 mph in Iowa, and 65 mph in good old Illinois.

We stopped at one more rest stop in Illinois and then made it to my apartment at 5pm Sunday. Not too bad for two days of driving across the country...oh and we both had smiles on our faces.


The Wilks Family said...

How fun Tim was able to go with you! Makes a long drive go a lot faster.