29 September 2008

Changing Gears

I've been struggling with finding my workout mojo for the past couple of months, which has led to some weight gain and frustration. I've tried a few different strategies to get over this funk, but none of them have really worked. So, after much thought, I realized that I needed to completely shake up my training program, which led to the decision to purchase the P90X system from I've learned that my body responds really well to strength training, which is one of the reasons that I picked P90X. Plus, I feel like I could use some good hard sweaty intense workouts that don't take place on a bike, in a pool or on a run.

Along with the workouts, I've decided to follow the nutrition plan. I've spent the weekend reading through the nutrition guide, working on a menu, cleaning the junk food out of the kitchen (surprisingly there wasn't that much), and grocery shopping for my food for the week. I feel like a I have a plan in place (for this week at least) and I just need to follow it.

I spent some time thinking about how much of this process I want to share online. I am planning on taking the before and after pictures, but we'll see if I decide to post them. I will post some of my stats, but I think I'll mostly just keep a workout log and mention my nutrition as well.

So, those are my big plans for the next three months. I'm kind of excited about the timing of this and how well it fits into the off season for triathlon. I'm excited to see what happens to my body and I'm excited to get back into shape. I'm also interested to see how this nutrition plan works. I'll keep you all up to date on how everything is going and I'm sure I'll be mentioning the challenges that will come with this switch.


GAIL said...

Looking forward to hearing how this goes for you. I watch those infomercials all the time and more than once have considered buying the program.