04 May 2008

Week 7 Utah 1/2 IM Training

The goal this week is to pace myself through the week's workouts, which is the third consecutive week of hard training. Next week is a recovery week, before I start my build phase.

May 5, 2008

SWIM - I swam at lunchtime today, which was a little different than what I've been doing for the last several weeks. I've decided that I would rather start my day off with swimming than do it in the middle of the day. I did get the workout in, but it was a little slow (47:57). I think I can attribue that to fatigue from the race, but also I did some TI drills and took my time on them. I think it was mostly fatigue though, because I could feel my form trying to slip.

Warm-up (300), Drill set (8x25), Base intervals (8x100), Sprint intervals (11x25), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2075 yds.

BIKE - I decided to do this workout this morning, since the pool was closed and I was already up. I put on my Ipod, hopped on the trainer and started pedaling. I struggled through the warm-up and kept talking myself into staying on the trainer and just getting through the workout. Once the intervals started I felt great. I put my bike into the big ring on front and the smallest ring on back, stood up, and pedaled like a crazy woman. I think I might have got an extra "hill" in there too. My average HR was 140, my highest HR was 167, and I burned 1098 calories. It was actually a great workout.

Short hill climbs 11x1 min. (1 h. 20 m.) - 1 min. hill climbs at VO2max/speed intensity with 2 min. active recoveries; warm-up and cooldown long enough to reach total time

May 6, 2008

SWIM - I really struggled to get out of bed this morning for this workout. I think my lack of sleep in Indy is catching up with me. I got to the pool at 6am (after lying in bed half-asleep for 45 min.) and hopped in. Apparently, my training has caught the interest of several of the other people I swim with, so I had alot of questions this morning about the drills I do and how fast/far I swim, etc. Anyways, I did the workout in 45:29, and I'm not sure how I feel about the 200s. I think they'll be good for me, as far as speed/intensity goes, but doing them for the first time was a little weird. Also, I felt like I was struggling to get up to intensity during the intervals, but I was consistent with my times, so I guess it worked.

Warm-up (300), Drill set (8x25), Fartlek intervals (5x200), Kick set (8x25), Cooldown (300) - Total 2000 yds.

RUN - I got home this morning from my swim, through on my running clothes and headed out the door for this workout, so it was a brick, sort of. The first 10 min. were tough and I was thinking that maybe I should just quit because I might not be recovered from Indy and maybe I'm not ready to be running, but I kept going. I actually ran a negative split during the workout and made it all the way to the silos and back, so I guess that it went well. I think I ran a few more intervals than I was supposed to, but mostly because my math was off. I'm fairly certain that throwing extra speed intervals into my workouts will not hurt me. My average HR was 160, which wasn't a surprise since I really struggled to get going at the beginning, and I burned 895 calories.

Speed intervals 13x30 sec. (52 m.) - 30 sec. intervals at speed intensity with 2 min. active recoveries; warm-up and cooldown long enough to reach total time

May 7, 2008

RUN - I was planning on doing my bike workout first thing this morning, but I couldn't talk myself into it. I ended up talking myself into heading out for the run, but I have to say, it was certainly not a pleasant run. I struggled through the entire run and was wishing it was over for about 65 min out of the 1:08 that I ran. I think my HR monitor needs a new battery because my HR was 87 for the first 10 min. or so. I ran south on the trail, into the wind, and had a good tailwind on the way home, hence the negative split. I think the highlights of the run were seeing a teeny tiny baby possum that could have fit in the palm of my hand sitting in someone's driveway (it was SO cute) and seeing a woodchuck run across the trail in front of me. I think my average HR ended up being 148 (not accurate I'm sure) and I burned 1046 calories.

Long run (1 h. 10 m.) - steady pace run at moderate aerobic intensity

BIKE - I had the best of intentions to do my long ride tonight, but I ran out of energy. I decided to flip flop my workouts and do the shorter ride, but I ended up only making it for 47:30. My average HR was 120 and I burned 481 calories.

Foundation bike (1 h. 30 m.) - steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity

YOGA - Yoga was tough tonight. Both Sherry and I are still recovering from races, so we were both not as flexible as usual. I struggled with the balance poses ALOT. This was my last yoga session until the fall, so I'm going to have to make sure I keep up on my yoga this summer.

May 8, 2008

SWIM - I think this is the longest swim workout that I've ever done. I wasn't swimming fast today and really didn't push myself, although I'm not sure why. I'll have to give that some thought. I did the workout in 49:23, which I'll take. My swim workouts are getting ready to pick up in yardage and intensity, so it was nice to see if I'm prepared. I think I am.

Warm-up (300), Base intervals (1800), Cooldown (300) - Total 2400 yds.

BIKE - I went to Blockbuster and picked up a couple of movies in preparation for this ride. However, I ended up not doing it for a variety of reasons. Instead, I packed up and cleaned my apartment, with the intention of waking up Friday morning at 4am to get it done then. However, when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized how tired I've been, I decided that my sleep is more important, so I set the alarm for 6am, and felt no guilt about skipping this one. I am hoping to get it done on Sunday when I get to UT, but we'll see.

Long ride (2 h. 30 m.) - steady ride at moderate aerobic intensity

May 9, 2008

RUN - I haven't done this workout yet, but I'm hoping to get to it on Sunday or maybe at one of the hotels along the way to UT. We'll see how it goes. I think I would rather get my long ride in if I have to choose between these two.

Foundation run (45 m.) - steady run at moderate aerobic intensity, Running strides 6x20 s. - 20 sec. relaxed sprints at speed intensity with 40 sec. active recoveries

May 10, 2008


May 11, 2008



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