25 February 2008

Peaceful Warrior

I finally got around to watching "Peaceful Warrior" which came highly recommended from a good friend of mine. It's a great inspirational film and there were several one liners that were pretty deep and thought provoking. I don't have a ton of time right now to comment on them, but I did want to mention a few of them.

- Knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Wisdom is doing it.
- Are you happy?
- You can live a lifetime without ever being awake.
- Stop gathering information outside of yourself and start gather information from inside yourself.
- You need to start asking better questions.
- People are not their thoughts.
- Take out the trash. Learn to throw out what you don't need up here.
- Devote 100% to the experience you're having.
- What do you do if you can't do what you were born for?
- Fear is the root of all evil.
- The people that are the hardest to love are the ones that need it most.
- There's never nothing going on.
- There are no ordinary moments.
- When you feel fear, use the sword.
- A warrior does not give up what he loves. He finds the love in what he does.
- There is no stopping or starting, only doing.
- The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.
- Nothing stays the same.
- Accept that you can't control...